Friday, July 22, 2005

Shhhh.. yes I know this is the same day, I could have just edited my old post, but this takes up more space

Well, I wrote this ages ago, but it fills space, and makes me look clever.....
Doesn't sound like me, I'm not a writer (I'm too lazy), but this might as well as get published

Of all the guns the army has,
Which one is made for peace?
Don't tell me about "Peacekeepers"
The violence will never cease

Of all the bombs the army has,
Which one cannot kill?
You say you use 'strategic' targets
Innocents are dieing still

Of all the cash the army has,
How much does it need?
You think if you spend enough money,
The people will be freed?

Of all the lands the army's in,
How many are a threat?
If the problem is that they're too violent,
How come you're more violent yet?

Of all the names the army has,
Why the "Ministry of DEFENCE"?
If you attack other countries,
It doesn't make any sense


Plus, it fills space


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