Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unison members on strike... just not... here

Had a pretty good day today. (Don't worry this is NOT going to be about my day, which, however high it scores for me personally, will appear boring in a recountment)

In case you didn't know, the public sector workers are going on strike as the government has plans to keep them on till 65 before they get a pension (not 60 as they were promised)

I hear stories from far and wide about school closure, transport halted etc and yet it seems the workers of Wilmslow are happy with their lot and do not feel the need to strike. The buses are run by private companies so they're not affected, the teachers apparently aren't... the NUT are apparently not affected (according to Miss Glover). T'only thing that's affected is the refuse collection operatives, more commonly known as binmen, and a load of council office workers. I would like to say this to those people to express my solidarity: YEAH!YEAH!STRIKE!YEAH!

Thank you. Nothing interesting ever happens in Wilmslow. Of course that must be because it's perfect. Yeah, obviously.

Well, then, if this is perfection then God's angels are obviously 4x4's. Now I know Wilmslow is not typical and that it has always been like this, but it is only recently that I have really begun to get annoyed with 4x4's (Americans call them SUV's) It seems that every 3rd car or so I see (I know I'm exaggerating) is one, which should mean approximately 33% of everyone is in an occupation or has a hobby where off-road capacity is needed. Now, blatantly not every third person is a farmer. So why are there so many? Consciously or unconsciously, people think it makes them look cool, which alright, it does to an extent. But they only look cool to me when they are driving across a field with some workers in the back. Going at 10mph down a town street with a mother taking her kids to school they just look stupid. So do the people inside. To me anyway. What are your opinions? (you can leave them as comments)

If you or your friends and family own one, please ask yourself the following questions. I am tempted to a poster with these on and putting it on the windscreen of 4x4's.

  1. Are you a farmer?
  2. Do you NEED (not want) the off-road capacity of your vehicle more than 10 times in the last year?
  3. Is there any reason a normal car would not be able to do what you do every day?

If the answer to all the above is 'No' then: GET A NORMAL CAR FOOL! (sorry if you're offended, this is turning into quite a rant :S)


Finally, I will end where I began: my day. There, tis ended.


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