Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Guten morgen


January has always had a grimness about it. It's the same in December but at least that contains the festivities to balance it out, like some kind of fun-grimness equilibrium. That's why most major religions have a festival around this time - because they got cold in the winter and figured 'Hey, let's celebrate to keep warm"

Unfortunately it is also the season of illness. Most of us get coughs and colds but some people are worse affected by the lack of light and dim season; it can cause depression and other problems. In fact, the Scandinavian countries (with their midday dark) have some of the highest suicide rates known.

But I will end all that stuff now and to prove it I will write in bright colours!

But actually I have nothing else that would be of interest to those who peruse the interweb, so now must sign off,

Au revoir!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Belated Merry Xmas and New Year!

Right, so why haven't i posted for a while. Well, (1) I've had exams, work and such in my final GCSE year, although that's not really an excuse as I don't exactly kill myself. and (2) I have nothing to write - apart from the usual everyday stuff that most people who have a blog write about. And they somehow think they're special. Look, no-one's interested. What percentage of the blogs stored on Google (who own Blogger)'s servers is worth looking at.

So, I've kind of been saving up things to say that are worth saying...

Firstly: I joined TheStudentRoom, a forum that's pretty good if you're a student at anything from GCSE to University level. Has academic forums, but also general stuff.

Secondly: You know that Intel Inside theme tune? Always on those PC World adverts. Why does it seem to last half the advert? It's PC World's advert, Intel are hijacking it. I mean Dell don't get a mini-advert, or Hewlett Packard.

Now it goes: Get a Dell PC with Cd Drive and Intel Inside *duh--di-di-di-ding microprocessor for only £499. That's Intel *duh--di-di-di-ding* 's newest version!

(Incidentally, the *duh--di-di-di-ding* was written by a famous German composer that Intel comissioned specifically to write a jingle.)

I decided to find out why, and with a bit of Googling, I found something that I suppose I should have expected from a huge spineless corporation: Intel pay half of the advertising cost of all adverts from companies that sell their stuff but only if they include their theme tune in all adverts and include their logo printed largely on all their print. And guess what? The funding only continues if the retailers agree to stop mentioning any competitors to Intel (e.g. AMD) or advertise a competitor's product in their stores.

What can I say? Seems pretty unfair and immoral practice (c'mon it's basically a bribe) , but if it's legal...

Moving on... feel free to tell me to get back to work when reading this, as I most probably should be be doing something I'm not (or vice versa)