Friday, July 22, 2005

Shhhh.. yes I know this is the same day, I could have just edited my old post, but this takes up more space

Well, I wrote this ages ago, but it fills space, and makes me look clever.....
Doesn't sound like me, I'm not a writer (I'm too lazy), but this might as well as get published

Of all the guns the army has,
Which one is made for peace?
Don't tell me about "Peacekeepers"
The violence will never cease

Of all the bombs the army has,
Which one cannot kill?
You say you use 'strategic' targets
Innocents are dieing still

Of all the cash the army has,
How much does it need?
You think if you spend enough money,
The people will be freed?

Of all the lands the army's in,
How many are a threat?
If the problem is that they're too violent,
How come you're more violent yet?

Of all the names the army has,
Why the "Ministry of DEFENCE"?
If you attack other countries,
It doesn't make any sense


Plus, it fills space

So I was right, I'm not that great at updates..

Well, I've got the hang of this blogging thing now.

It seems to me that there are a few types:

  • The diary - "Today I got up, I bought a chocolate bar and then went to the shops. Here are some pics of me at the shops..." I really need a diary, but it's really boring to read.. ( not that anyone is most likely reading this)
  • The Picture Blog - full of pictures pretty obviously
  • The News Reporter Blog - All about politics and stuff they' have seen in the news
  • The Random Blog - Can't really give a description

I'm not sure which one this is, since there's hardly anything here - probably the last one - I want to update it, but I don't want to make this boring either ...

I wish there was a way of showing shrugging shoulders by writing

Wait a minute.....there is....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm gonna be a ....Call Centre operator when I'm older

....or so the Computer Program at school tells me. That or a university lecturer or recycling officer.
I suppose I'll stay on and do A-levels, but i don't know why. I mean... whayt I really want to do is ...everything, travel the world and keep seeing new places and people. So it's a bit hard fro me to find something i really think " I want to do that". That's why I like languages, history, etc.

I like the internet too, but that means sitting down. However, its the fact that you can, with web-based email, sit down in a cafe in Siberia and read the same emails as a hotel in New York, that amazes me.

I 've like history, but other than a museum keeper or archivist, there's no direct jobs connected with it. Actually archaeology...come to think of it. With Foreign Languages, you can do anything, so long as you have some thing else as well, or be a translator, in which case you need to know the language VERY well.

I like music and drama, but I don't seriously think I have a future there, but maybe in Radio or TV. That ties in being a Journalist, I can imagine being the first reporter on the scene at, say, the London bombs today (7th July) - that seems exciting to me.

I 've got mixed messages though, because the school says we should really start making choices now, but ask any successful person and few will say they started out knowing exactly where their future would be. A few do, and they're the lucky ones... Me, I 've got to let the computer do it for me Call Centre operator it is then